choosing a camping tent

How to Choose a Camping Tent

Camping with friends and family has become a pastime for many during summer. Whether you are attracted to the campground as your base camp where you do nearby activities, this article will assist you in finding the ideal camping tent. The following are the most important things to look for when choosing a camping tent.

Tent capacity

tent capacity of a camping tentWhile choosing a camping tent, it is important to know the size of your group and if additional space will be needed. However, know that industry standard defining per-person tent dimension does not exist. When evaluating ratings of tent capacity, you should assume a close fit. While seeking more room, add one person to the tent capacity. This is necessary if your companions are: claustrophobic, small children or pets who turn and toss while sleeping.


Three season tents

Three season tent is the most popular lightweight shelter that is appropriate for the spring, summer and autumn weather conditions. It has enough mesh panels that boost airflow while keeping the insects out. These mesh panels can also let in powdery blowing sand which can pollute the air inside the tent. Three season tent is properly pitched using a taut rainfly which helps withstand rain, but it is not recommended for harsh storms, heavy snow or violet winds.

Primary functions of the three season tent include providing privacy, protecting you from bugs and covering you from rain or light snow.

Three-four season tents

This is made to withstand harsh winds and huge snow loads and is ideal for any season. Its main function is to hold firm even in the most inhospitable winter weather. It has more poles, and its fabrics are heavier as compared to the three-season tent.

Its dome design is rounded eliminating the chances of snow collecting on the roof. It has rain-flies extending close to the ground, and its mesh panels are few. This tent provides great refuge place when the weather is unbearable.

Important tent features

peak height of a camping tent

Peak height

If you would like to have a standing room or high ceiling, then go for a tent that has a tall peak height. This is usually listed in the specification charts.

Cabin-style tents

This tent has near-vertical walls that maximize the peak height and give more space. Some of its models have great features for families like room dividers with an awning door that is possible to stake out.

Dome-style tent

This is ideal for stormy weather due to its great strength and its ability to shed wind. It is tall at the center but has sloppy walls, which reduces the livable space slightly.